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Seeing Current Events Through Christ’s Eyes

Liberty, NY Feb. 14, 2018
Contact:  Rev. Bill Banuchi – Phone: (845)

Last evening Rev. Richard Ienuso of Lighthouse Ministries in Liberty addressed the Liberty Central School Board, and an audience of parents, teachers and concerned citizens concerning the introduction of “Mindfulness” in the Liberty Schools. In a prepared presentation, Rev. Ienuso proceeded to explain that the introduction of secular “Mindfulness” is actually a stealthy attempt to introduce our children to Buddhism, the religion upon which mindfulness is based, according to the research information he provided. Though the three minutes allotted to the Reverend were not sufficient to complete his comments, a full report was given to each of the schoolboard members present for their examination and review. Rev. Bill Banuchi, Executive Director of the New York State Faith & Freedom Coalition who also attended the meeting to support Rev. Ienuso said, “Pastors throughout our state must be engaged in the community and be willing to speak up for those Judeo-Christian values that are so important to the well-being of our children.  Rev. Ienuso is to be commended for his willingness to step into the arena to help preserve our American values.”  There was no comment from the school board but Rev. Ienuso assured us that he will follow up to make sure that his warning does not go unaddressed.