Upcoming Events: Come and Join Us and be blessed

“Awake America 365”

Fri., April 27th -> Sun., April 29th


You are all invited ( especially young people!) to “Awake America 365.” Here’s the information:

at Lighthouse Ministries Church

23 Triangle Rd., Liberty, NY 12754



We are so excited about our trip to Liberty, NY on April 27-29. We truly believe that 2018 is the year of an AWAKENING- in our hearts, our minds, in our churches, on the streets, and throughout the United States of America….and it is going to start with each of us.

Our heart is to serve you and our church and we want to submit to the vision God has given to you.

Friday, April 27th: Youth Rally. 7pm -9pm

We are excited about this time with your youth. Our heart is to see teens rise above and over come the labels that the world has tried to put on them and empower them to walk in the calling God has for them- NOW- not later. We want to see the schools embrace Jesus and it will start with the boldness of our youth. There will be a time of laying on of hands and baptism of the Holy Spirit at the end of service. POWERFUL.

Saturday, April 28th : Crying out Prayer meeting

Prayer Training from 9-9:30

Crying out Prayer from 9:30-10:30

Break for 15 min

Evangelism Training from 10:45-11:30

Take it to the streets from 12-2pm

When we get back to the church we can have a time of sharing testimonies and snacking on pizza or something …

Sunday, April 29th : “Renewal Service”

This service will be focused on encouraging and empowering the congregation to take part in their GOD GIVEN place there at your church. That it is time to get out of the seats and into the streets. It is time to rise above our insecurities, strongholds, past, shame and fear and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to be AWAKENED inside of us. After service there will be a time of laying on of hands. If you and your prayer leaders would like to join us in praying for the congregation then when we start calling people up to the altar, that will be your que to come up and pray.

A small table will be set up to sell our teaching tools. They are $5 each and it helps us off set cost

We raise our own funds and we do not charge any church we visit. But we do ask that you could take up a love offering for us……the Lord can do amazing things through whatever comes in. He always does, and it allows us to continue to to visit every church that reaches out to us. Someone would be able to host us? There will be 2 or 3 of us there. Will they be able to pick us up from the airport?

Please know- between now and the time we get there we will be praying for you and this weekend. We will also be choosing specific days to fast and pray for you, your family, and your church.

A daughter of the King,

Angi Magoulis

CCWC Missions Department

Awake America 365


“Live your life as if Jesus is coming back tonight”


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